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Fri 15th Jul 2022
 Home fixture: Baldragon
Dundee West FC 2011
9 - 3
Ferry & dryburgh
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Fri 21st Jun 2024
Dundee West FC 2012
DUSC 2013S
Friendly Game

About the club

Dundee West, founded in 1985 are an SFA accredited Platinum Legacy Club which serves the Dundee North West area community.

We provide football from the age of 3 to over 50's and currently have 34 Teams, 600 registered players,140 volunteers and we play our homes games and train between Downfield Playing Fields in Charlotte Street and Baldragon Academy 3G Pitch.   

Dundee West is not only a football club but also Registered as a Community Trust Charity where we currently have 5 x Full Time and 2 x Part Time members of staff who work with a further 600 kids weekly across our local nurseries, 6 local primary, 2 local secondary schools and various community venues.

The Trust provides learning through sport opportunities for these kids and also support local families in their daily lives and struggles. 

To achieve this, we work with funders and partners and rely on grants, funding and donations to operate and support the local community.

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